Everything is difficult at the beginning. Which of the construction of steel structure plants is important?

I feel that the beginning is half of the success, but you don’t forget that there is a saying: the beginning is difficult. The construction of the steel structure plant is also the same. The engineering project is a very serious and meticulous work. For the establishment of the steel structure plant, the first step is also the key factor for all engineering projects. Each link is important in the construction of structural factory projects. Which step is the most critical?

The key to the construction of the steel structure plant is the setting of the embedded parts. The embedded parts is the basic of all engineering projects, which is equivalent to their glory. Pour. The setting of the embedded parts is actually the embedded parts of the ground foot screws. If the screws of the ground foot are not done well, then the other framework is done well without any effect, and those loading effects can be done. Well, that is also an extremely important step in the construction of steel structure engineering construction. If a relatively large error occurs here, it will have a great impact on the progress of all engineering projects. Therefore, the measurement accuracy of the measurement accuracy of the position, vertical angle, and squareness of the embedded parts is particularly important. big.

How to put the buried parts during the construction of all steel structure factories? Let me introduce it to you in detail: 1. The precise measurement and positioning control line of the embedded parts should be set independently. Or the surface layer of the reinforcement of the building has been fixed. 2. Before the construction of the embedded parts, the core positioning should be made, which is conducive to accurately measure the calibration during decoration. 3. When disputes with the position of the main tendon of the embedded parts and structure beams, the position of the anchor plate can be appropriately adjusted to ensure the installation position of the embedded parts. The position of the main tendon ensures the customization of the screw assembly.

4. Temporary fixation of embedded parts and structure strength can be positioned and welded by the main tendon welding. In the process of engineering construction, the welding welding of the main tendons of the embedded parts and the structure beam should be prevented. Essence Even temporary positioning needs to be strong and reliable, which can resist certain construction loads.

5. The relative position of the same concrete pillar ground bolt is suitable for fixing the template, the template can be made of a slot steel bracket or a thick steel plate, The pole should be used to fix it with nuts, and there is no need to carry out welding or welding positioning. In the installation situation, the position of the foot bolt group is manipulated according to the position of the punch to the template positioning point and the position of the template axis. 6. After the embedded parts also have the positioning of the foot bolts, in the process of the processing and vibration of the pouring and pouring of the paddling concrete, the position of the embedded foot bolt should be measured in real time to formulate the corresponding improvement countermeasures. 7. After the cast -in -law is completed, it can be disassembled by the positioning board or the positioning of the supporting frame.

Most of the following points I organized most of the specific content Asynchronous-ERECTION-CANTILEVER-BEAMS-ZHUHAI-JINHAI-BRIDE-IS-PROGRESSING. -smoothly The construction of the plant is more suitable for construction. Not only can it ensure the precision of the embedded parts, it is also simpler to use, which can improve the progress of the project and the construction quality of the project.


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