Comparison of the respective advantages of the steel structure plant comparison

Nowadays, environmental protection issues have gradually received widespread attention. The structure of the plant is gradually adopted in the form of steel structure. In the construction process, it will not cause a large adverse impact on the surrounding environment, and the required construction period is relatively short, and the application advantage is obvious. The construction of steel structure plants is different from the construction of civil construction projects. The construction quality is easily affected by factors such as steel structure installation and welding. Therefore, it is crucial to strengthen the quality control of each construction process.

The steel structure is currently widely used in large -scale construction such as plant buildings. With the continuous acceptance of the past ten years, it can also be carried out in the civilian field. Woolen cloth?

First of all, the civil construction plant is the most traditional model of construction plant buildings. At present, there are mainly brick mixed construction or concrete board construction. ] 1. Requirement that low bricks are small standardized components, which have low requirements for construction venues and construction technology. They can be built into various shapes of walls and can be produced in various places.

2. Good stability: It has good durability,
Stability, insulation and fire resistance are better. 3. Simple construction, simple construction technology and construction equipment.

4. High acceptance in housing construction is commonly used, and the public’s universal acceptance of house construction materials. The disadvantage of the brick -hybrid factory building is not to resist earthquake resistance, because the force is on the wall, there is no other supported support, and disasters such as earthquakes or floods are crispy, and it suddenly collapses. There are many factors that need to be about half a year as soon as possible, but there are many factors that affect the length of the rural self -built houses. The structure of the house, the time for building a house, and the size of the house will affect the process of building a house. For example, the speed of building houses in winter will definitely be relatively slow. Cracks; cracks in brick mix belong to the quality of rural self -built houses, and have poor overallness. In some places where earthquakes are prone to occur, such as factory buildings in active earthquake areas are recommended to build steel structures.

The biggest of the steel structure plant is the earthquake resistance and good stability. Lightweight and convenient structural materials have high strength and thin thickness. The amount of steel is provided with steel (usually low -level houses are within 30kg/m2, and the steel amount for multi -layer buildings is less than 40kg/m2). The overall weight of the house is light. Only about 1/5 of the traditional brick mixed structure. The structure of the structure is light, reducing the cost of transportation and hanging, and the basic load is also reduced accordingly, reducing the basic cost. The foundation requirements are low, especially suitable for the harsh areas of complex terrain such as mountains, river beaches, sand, and islands, and energy saving and environmental protection.

The light steel structure can be reused by 100%cycle, and Tibetan steel is significant to the people’s meaning. Wall and roof combination schemes with excellent performance provide excellent insulation, sound insulation, and waterproof performance. Compared with the traditional brick mixed structure, energy consumption is reduced by 65%.

But the steel structure is not without its shortcomings. His disadvantage is that structural changes are relatively difficult. The entire steel structure plant is a very stable whole. The consequences of changing the overall steel structure are also terrible.

In summary, the steel structure plant is still relatively stronger than brick -hybrid in terms of geographical location in China. This situation will gradually appear in the civil field in the next ten years.


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