Blue Industry Encyclopedia: How to calculate the cost of steel structure plant

There are many factors that affect the total price of steel structure factories, such as materials, structure, height, labor costs, etc. These four factors are the main influencing factors. If we consider it from the perspective of an ordinary person, So how to build a steel structure plant will not be overdue? How should the cost of building construction be calculated? How should the plant choose? Next, I will summarize it in detail for everyone .

1. How is the cost of the steel structure plant ?

The cost of the steel structure plant mainly comes from The main structure, the surrounding structure, the civil engineering project and other parts. What are the main structures? From the figure below, it can be clearly seen that the \”skeleton\” part is the main structure, which generally includes: main steel structure, secondary steel, pupa, ground foot bolts, ordinary bolts, high -strength bolts, transportation costs, steel structures, steel structures, steel structures, steel structures, steel structures, and steel structures Install.

Figure 1: Structural Figure

The proportion of various categories in the main structure cost is as follows, of which 8.7%of the steel structure installation costs account for 8.7%.

With this proportion, we can estimate the cost of the main structure. How to calculate? For example:

If Xiao Hong wants to build a 1500 square meter steel structure factory, it has not been investigated and did not find the help of the engineering company to help. The installation fee for this factory is 26,000 yuan. Then calculate according to the proportion, the main structure of the main structure is almost 290,000.

Then we can use these 290,000 as a standard to roughly grasp the expenditure in later project construction.

2, shell

is the yellow part of the structural diagram: roof panel, wall plate, panel accessories, color board installation installation What-IS-the-Difference-Between-I-BEAM-H-BEAM , doors, windows, edges, corners, color steel plate transportation fees.

From the figure above, it can be seen that the roof panel costs high, reaching 43.25%. However, color panels and wall boards also account for a high proportion of expenditure.

3. Civil engineering

From the perspective What about part?

Because this part covers a wide range, including floor paint, early infrastructure, and medium -term retaining walls after completion.

But because not every workshop must calculate the floor paint, it is not convenient to count the general expenses here.

Fortunately, the cost is relatively transparent, and the floor paint cost is high. We just need to pay attention to the cost of floor paint

What I want to say is how to build a good steel structure factory when we build a factory?


1. Height.

The steel structure workshop compared to the standard workshop or other workshops, its advantage is about height.

The advantage of the lightweight and safe steel structure is a high foundation, so the first thing to find is whether the height is sufficient.

2. Connection

The joint is the key to the steel structure plant. Because the steel structure plant is assembled, it is very important to whether the seams are firm and whether the building materials are suitable. Generally, it is better to use splicing corner steel.

3, span

A single span is better, this is a basic cognition of the industry, but the single span factory is not so good Looking for, try to find less span

4. There are many reference factors that are viewed according to their own needs, such as cranes, fire protection, floor paint, and so on.

Then feel the temperature as soon as you enter. The heat insulation is important, and it is important to see the fence materials. The calculation method of the cost of steel structure plant has been summarized in detail in the above content. , Pay attention to the height, connection, span, and temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, etc. of the factory building. When construction is considered, the utilization rate of this plant will be greatly improved. Report/feedback

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