Bengbu Second -hand Steel Structural Factory Sale of Old Second -hand Steel Strite Work Works H -shaped steel material

The spot of the Bengbu construction site is sold
① 72M length 88m height 7.5m
② 68.5m long 100.5m height 12.5m
③ width 66m length 60.5m height 10m


Selling the latest supply of Bengbu pick -up

Large span library house
68.5m length 100.5m height 12.5m

Selling the latest supply of Bengbu pick -up

① 72M length 8


8M high 7.5m

Bengbu remaining room type:

①66mx60.5mx8.2m ②72mx88.5mx7.5m ③68mx100.5mx12.5m ④ 40 meters of roof beams Selling a new driving beam with 20 tons carried 20 tons to carry 20 tons.Small ① 500/340/240/15 length 6m total 20 branches ② Galvanized 180C steel 6m length 440 support Anhui Bengbu pickup Sale driving beams 6M length 500/340/240/15 20 branches Bengbu pick -up! Report/feedback

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