An article tells you why the construction of the steel structure is the preferred steel structure

With the increase in people’s requirements for the quality of the building’s environment, in order to meet the needs of the market, many production enterprises have begun to use steel structures as load -bearing structures and gradually replace traditional concrete buildings. This is also the development direction of future buildings.

Why is the steel structure plant more and more popular?

The steel structure plant mainly refers to the component of the heavily component. Compared with the brick -concrete structure, it is in terms of construction period, cost, materials, environmental protection, energy saving, efficient, factory production and other aspects. It has obvious advantages. Compared with traditional steel structure buildings, it is convenient to build and short construction period, which greatly saves corporate costs.

In terms of safety and service life, the steel structure plant is higher than the traditional steel -mixed structure plant. All the material section area of \u200b\u200bthe steel structure plant is small, easy to install and transport, and has space. Large, large span, windproof, earthquake resistance, rainproof and leakage, ventilation and moisturizing.

Provide high -performance support space for the factory area. Guanglian has general contracting qualifications for steel structure engineering, and serves customers such as Changfa Group, Xinke Group, Da Ya Technology, Jiadeshun, Gorgeous Group, Jinding Group, and Jiangsu Puyu. It is well received by customers!

Guanglian Steel Construction Engineering Case:

The plate used in the new Ke Steel Configuration Lid: [ 123]

The roof uses a unique small air bubble insulation blanket, its advantages: low radiation anticorrosive reflective layer (reflective rate is as high as 97%, and strong acid corrosion) The fire bubbles of special flame retardant formula are usually used for roof or walls. After installation, heat insulation or insulation is 6 ° C-8 ° C.

Wall surface: use 780 galvanized gallery plate, large ripple horizontal pavement, color plate color white and fir gray, use aluminum alloy windows horizontal, vertical interval between vertical interval The layout is beautiful.

The plate used by the Gold Pauli Cover:

The roof adopts economic and practical single -layer color steel plate+glass wool


+aluminum foil+steel wire layout can meet the preservation requirements and the cost is economical.

The wall surface adopts large ripple horizontal pavement, color plate color silver, aluminum alloy window horizontal and vertical interval layout, and set up shake opening windows to meet the needs of ventilation and smoke. Beautiful atmosphere.


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