Why choose aluminum carport?

The main skeleton of the aluminum alloy car shed is all titanium aluminum alloys, and the surface treatment is sprayed with static powdery powder to resist corrosion. The roof material uses imported polycarbonate boards (also known as PC endurance board, PC sunlight plate), which can absorb ultraviolet rays in the sun.It is very suitable for protecting various types of cars, arts and valuables, and exempt from ultraviolet damage.

Polycarbonate board (also known as PC endurance board, PC sunboard) has good light transmission performance, 88%of the light transmission rate, which can be exposed to sunlight for a long time without yellowing and atomization; Preventing the fatty fatigue caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays; the impact strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, which is 20-30 times the acrylic board, which is twice that of tempered glass, and there is almost no risk of broken; according to the national GB8624-97-97 The test is a flame-retardant B1 level, which will not produce fire and gas; within the temperature range of -40 ° C to+120 ° C, the quality is stable and will not be deteriorated (such as deformation); light weight, very convenient relocation and transportation, and there is no place, and there is no no way to transport and transportation. The potential danger of severe damage; the sound insulation is good. In addition, the surface of the material can absorb ultraviolet rays and convert it into visible light. It has a good stable effect on plant photosynthetic effects. It is very suitable for protecting various types of cars, artworks and valuables, and avoids ultraviolet damage.

aluminum carport advantage

The aluminum alloy car shed has a variety of advantages, which can effectively cover the wind and rain, and the overall visual effect is very beautiful. Good toughness, don’t worry about rust. Therefore, many schools, units, malls, etc. use such car sheds. The tolerance of the car shed is very strong, so that it has a certain pressure, and the endurance is very good. And have a certain fire prevention effect, it is safer to use. Therefore, aluminum alloy parking shed has become a common choice for people.

At the same time, the aluminum alloy car shed is in line with our aesthetic effect, so it brings very good visual enjoyment. The overall feeling is very soft and artistic, which makes people like it very much.
Of course, the overall cost of aluminum alloy car shed is low, so it has certain economic practicality. During the use process, we found that its material has a long service life, so it can effectively resist aging and have the characteristics of long -term use. Its useful life can even get more than thirty years. For car sheds, there is a certain light transmittance effect.

Aluminum alloy car shed, no matter how the sun is exposed to the sun and the temperature is high, there will be no phenomenon of light transmission. So it is suitable for different climate. It can effectively resist ultraviolet rays and achieve a certain stability. Will not be damaged by ultraviolet rays.

If we want to be durable for a long time, we have to choose good products. The first thing to see is its manufacturer, and a good manufacturer can produce a better car shed.

Since there are too many merchants say that their materials are good now, but even if he says good, we must choose a manufacturer that pays more attention to quality. If a manufacturer cannot ensure quality, then its products cannot also ensure quality.

Fire resistance, the compartment system is composed of metal structures, and materials such as glass and polycarbonate boards are also fireproof.

The internal structure can be easily paved with cables. No need to bury the wall, the maintenance and replacement of the cable are more convenient. The strong and weak electricity is separated. The cable groove can play the shielding effect of the signal line.

pollution -free odor emissions, safe and healthy, can be used immediately after installation.
Fast installation. The aluminum alloy car shed material is not small. It is stitched with screws and can be installed in the morning.

The product of aluminum aluminum car shed itself has the characteristics of stability. Everything is said to have a long service life. Compared with other old -fashioned car sheds such as metal structures, it can not be so long. It is particularly severe climate environment. The planning and function of aluminum alloy car sheds can be accepted with great pressure. The parking sheds made of usual information will be greatly damaged. After a variety of experiments, the alloy car shed proves that it is stable.

Aluminum alloy car sheds have excellent light transmission talents, and the light transmission rate has reached 13 %, and other types such as color steel plates are extremely poor, resulting in the long -term exposure of the car shed and damage to the yellowing. The high light transmittance of the alloy car shed ensures that it will not have such doubts, and it is stated from the side to clarify that it has extended its own service life.

The weight of the aluminum alloy car shed itself is particularly light, coupled with its own plan to build fabrics, it can be deformed at will and accepts high -intensity impact. This is also a reason for the longer service life of the aluminum alloy car shed. Therefore, we have given the aluminum alloy car shed ” The name of not breaking the glass “.

*In the end, the aluminum alloy shed is not only longer than other materials, but also the beautiful planning is also loved by everyone. Customers who trust many of the purchase of aluminum alloy car sheds have such feelings. Whether it is menstrual characteristics or planning beauty, the carpels are greatly enjoyed to us comfortably.

aluminum carport

Whether the aluminum alloy canopy is easy to use or not is determined by the aluminum alloy raw material itself:

Use life numbers and functions. The raw material of the tarpaulin of aluminum alloy canopy is a membrane structure, and the biggest feature of aluminum is high strength, good durability, difficult to fire fire, good self -cleaning, and is not affected by ultraviolet rays. It is usually 30 years. The light transmission rate is as high as 13%, and the thermal energy reflectance is 73%of the heat absorption. It is precisely because of the creation of this scheduled aluminum alloy that turns aluminum alloy canopy into a modern durable building.

Market prospects: The city is unfolding, and the car becomes the most important mobility. Therefore, when creating a group plan, you should fully consider the parking lot questions, and take the parking lot creation and plan as the primary part of the modern city creation plan, becoming more and more primary. Make aluminum alloy rinders also play the primary role in the creation of parking lots.

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