What is cabin modular homes? What are the characteristics of modular cabin residence?

What is cabin modular homes?

Modular housing has gradually come into people’s vision, but most people still don’t know the concept of modular housing. The so-called modular housing is to divide the components of the house into different functional modules, and realize factory manufacturing with standardized, modular and universal production. The house can be assembled on site anytime, anywhere, and the whole process can be completed in just a few hours. Modular integrated building completely subverts the traditional building construction and non recyclable mode, which can be simple, retro, habitable, entertaining and used for special purposes.

It is easy to transport, install, remove and reuse. The invention and progress of science and technology provide technical support for the integrated construction of modules, and create various buildings that are free and changeable, scientific and intelligent, dance harmoniously with nature, and integrate modern and traditional processes.

This kind of modular house made of construction waste and mineral waste is not only in line with the natural environmental protection concept of international circular economy, but more importantly, the house buildings assembled with it are green, pollution-free, fire-proof and earthquake resistant. During the construction operation, it can achieve zero pollution and anhydrous, and the construction period is two-thirds shorter than the traditional building time.

What are the characteristics of modular cabin residence?

The overall seismic performance of the building is improved: due to the setting of shear wallboard, the building module composite wall has good overall performance and strong seismic and impact resistance compared with ordinary brick concrete buildings. It can be built in areas with seismic intensity ≥ 8 degrees, and the service life of the building can reach more than 100 years.

cabin modular homes

The same heating method can achieve twice the result with half the effort: because the building module composite wall building has a unique thermal insulation performance, the room temperature in winter can be increased by 7-11 degrees compared with the brick concrete building under the same conditions. Its 25cm thick composite wall is equivalent to the thermal insulation effect of 460cm thick red brick wall, even without heating It can also maintain a certain indoor temperature, saving 2/3 of the heating cost every year. In summer, there is no need to turn on the air conditioner, and the indoor temperature is kept below 27 ℃ Reduce the use cost of households.

Unique technical system to ensure energy conservation up to standard: the unique technical system of building module composite wall realizes the overall sealing of the house, completely eliminates red bricks, blocks the cold bridge, avoids the quality defects of condensation, fuzzing, cracking, hollowing and falling off existing in traditional buildings, and better protects the main structure.

The building module composite wall as a whole meets the requirements of 75% energy-saving standard, which is 92% more energy-saving than ordinary buildings.

The impact resistance and durability of the building module wall are strong: the 2cm thick surface layer of the composite wall is composed of clearly functional base treatment materials, adhesives, plastering glue, alkali resistant glass fiber plastic coated mesh cloth and finishing layer, which effectively improves the impact resistance and durability of the new energy-saving building module composite wall. It is an external wall external insulation practice with many comprehensive technical advantages.

High fire resistance of building modules: the combustion performance of the materials used in the new energy-saving building module composite wall building can reach the B1 level flame retardant index after testing.

The construction method is convenient and the project quality is easy to ensure: the simple construction method and construction technology of the building module composite wall are easy to master, and the construction quality and safety are easy to be guaranteed.

The construction progress is fast and the material consumption is small: the building module composite wall adopts the plug-in horizontal splicing construction technology, and the construction period is short. Under the construction conditions, the occupancy standard can be basically reached in 30 days.

Excellent low temperature resistance: meet the requirements of freeze-thaw cycle, and can be constructed at -3.1 degrees low temperature.

Obvious comprehensive benefits: building module composite wall building applies a building energy-saving system with complete types of cavity modules, accurate geometric dimensions, low material loss, and appropriate cost performance. The engineering construction cost is basically the same as that of traditional brick and concrete buildings. However, due to excellent heat preservation effect, energy conservation, optimized combination, and no later maintenance cost, the annual use cost can be saved by more than 35%. Building module composite wall building, Without increasing the construction cost, the use of advanced technology and cost-effective building seismic energy-saving technology can improve the service life of energy-saving houses and prolong the service time of suitable residential temperature.

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