what is a steel hangar homes?

For short, a large -span single -story building for repairing aircraft is the main building of the aircraft maintenance area. According to different aircraft maintenance and maintenance project requirements, the plane layout, building height, and structural form of the governing are also different, mainly depending on the following factors: ① At the same time, the models and quantities of the aircraft, the items of maintenance and the degree of maintenance need to be maintained. ; ② The requirements and restrictions on the height and plane layout of the hangar structure; ③ the requirements for the setting of the crane and the work platform in the gates of the garage; ④ the configuration requirements of the fire protection facilities inside and outside the garage; ⑤ venue conditions and development trends.

structure type

The layout layout and height requirements are special, which directly affects the structural form of the gossip. Due to the large glory span, the structure of the structure (mainly referring to the parking system) is also large in all loads. If it can reduce the structural self -weight, it can achieve obvious economic effects. The strength of the steel structure is high, the weight is light, the component section is small, the weldability, and the simple manufacturing process is relatively simple. Therefore, the steel structure as the building cover is more common in the large -span structure. The spatial structure system is strong, and the weight itself is light, which can solve the problems that certain flat structure systems cannot solve.

Space structures such as the shell structure, the grid structure, and the suspension structure have been widely used as a ceiling system for large span buildings. For example, the lid of the London airport in London, UK, uses a two -way diagonal cross -to -crosstal tablet grid structure. The plane size is 170.15 × 83.62 meters, which consists of a prefabricated tube truss. Steel is high -strength steel, and the yield strength is 450 MPa. The entire roof is supported on 8 pillars. In addition to the general load on the roof, the weight of 700 tons of equipment is also affected. The lid of the Globe of the Federal Frankfurt Airport adopts a suspension plate structure, with a flat size of 270 × 100 meters, divided into two spans. Each span is composed of 10 135 -meter -long and 7 -meter -wide plate bands.

Gauge door

Due to the large size and heavy weight, and it is required to open it convenient, the structure is special. In order to facilitate the traction of the aircraft to enter and exit the hangar, the garage door is usually designed according to the high glory. The full length is divided into several fans. Each fan is about 10 to 20 meters wide. There is a dedicated orientation structure at the top of each fan. On the wheels; the door fan can be made of the steel structure of the outsourced steel plate, with a thickness of about 500 to 700 mm. Some hangar doors, according to the shape of the aircraft, high in the center, low on both sides, designing the gate as a “grade” shape, the height of the central part of the center is controlled at the height of the tail of the aircraft, and the height of the gate on both sides is according to the aircraft fuselage as the aircraft fuselage. Highly control.

Sayok Industrial Gate is a large industrial door, which is composed of a flexible door ontology, which can increase the driving system, guide the sealing system and electronic control system.

This form is mainly suitable for large warehouses, coating workshops, small glory and other occasions.

The flexible improvement of the door structure consists of a horizontal frame, bottom frame, and upper frame. The second side is equipped with a sealing cover, the sealing performance is good, and the bottom of the gate is safe and reliable and light -off. It has the characteristics of small land, light weight, no landless rail, novel structure, wind resistance, sound insulation, and insulation.

There is a large space in the glory, and multiple aircraft are often repaired in the library. Various maintenance equipment appliances and working platforms are accompanied by flammable and explosive sources such as oil, gas, and electricity, and have strict requirements and improvement facilities for fire prevention and explosion -proof. Most of the high multiplication foam fire extinguishing system.

The basic technical parameters of the aircraft determine the buildings of the large space of the aircraft. The roof bearing components need to be steel structure. The construction difficulty is large, the cycle is long, and the cost is high. Therefore, the fire prevention requirements for airplane design in buildings and facilities are also high. The space complexity of the aircraft maintenance process also puts forward high requirements for the design and installation technology of the fire protection facilities in the aircraft.

Classification according to the construction area of the fire prevention partition

The classification of the aircraft in the national standard “Fireproof Specifications for Air Villa Design” (GB50284-2008) is formulated in accordance with the size of the construction area of each fire prevention partition area of the aircraft and the maintenance area of the maintenance area. Under the premise of ensuring the fire safety of the aircraft, appropriately reduce the investment in fire protection facilities.

(1) Class Ⅰ aircraft
The aircraft with a fire -fighting part of a fire -fighting zone in the aircraft parking and maintenance zone is 5001 ㎡ to 50,000 square meters of airplanes.

(2) Class II aircraft
A airplane with a construction area of a fireproof partition in the aircraft parking and maintenance zone is more than 3001 ㎡ less than 5,000 square meters. This type of aircraft can only park and repair 1-2 medium -sized aircraft.

(3) Class III aircraft
The construction area of a fire zone in the aircraft parking and maintenance zone is equal to or less than 3,000 square meters of aircraft. This type of aircraft can only park and repair small aircraft.

Classification according to functional purpose

The aircraft can be divided into a shutdown and maintenance library according to functional use.

(1) Disclosure
There is no dimension function and a aircraft dedicated to parking aircraft.
(2) Maintenance library
Can provide aircraft with large and medium -sized aircraft.

steel hangar homes

Classified according to the conditions of maintenance process

The aircraft can be classified as spray paint glory and non -spraying glory according to the maintenance process conditions.

(1) Spray painting machine
The aircraft warehouse engaged in aircraft spraying operations is called spray paint garage.
When aircraft cleaning and spraying paint, a large number of organic solvents, combustible or flammable liquids, flammable and explosive materials are used. Generally, spray paint hangers have special requirements in building structure, fire protection, ventilation, electrical equipment and process operations.

(2) Non -spray painting machine
In terms of building structure, fire protection, ventilation, electrical equipment, and process operations, no need to consider the needs of spray painting as a non -spray garage.

The floor requirements of the aircraft are extremely high, and there are still certain differences with the general industrial floor. So what kind of performance does the floor applied to the airplane need?

The floor must have strong wear resistance and compressive performance

The aircraft is parked with maintenance planes. The weight of the aircraft is very large. Its pressure on the ground far exceeds some mechanical equipment in the industrial plant.

The second is the movement of the aircraft inside. The friction of the ground is greater. The flooring floor must have super wear resistance and compressive performance to meet the needs of the aircraft.

The floor must have the performance of scratch resistance and impact

We have mentioned the weight of the aircraft above. When entering the aircraft, because the inertia will cause a certain impact on the ground, if the flushing power of the floor is not strong, the ground depression problem is prone to occur. In the process of repairing the aircraft, various machinery and equipment moved in the aircraft library. The anti -scratch was to ensure the beautiful and flat appearance of the ground.

The floor should have anti -chemical corrosion performance

When the aircraft is maintained, the oil and other oils or lubricants contain chemicals containing chemicals, dripping on the ground, will cause a certain corrosion to the ground, damage the ground and affect the maintenance of the aircraft.

The performance of the floor must be anti -penetration and cannot afford the dust

The value of an aircraft is very high. If the floor of the aircraft is easy to appear dust, the dust will erode the aircraft itself when the aircraft enter and exit. Unsable damage.

The floor must have a beautiful appearance and easy to clean the performance

The appearance of the floor floor must have a flat and beautiful effect, and it must have easy clean performance, a clean and beautiful environment, and can keep the workers a pleasant working environment.

The floor that can meet the above conditions, the first sealing curing agent floor, the ground that has been treated by the sealing curing agent, has a solid, anti -seepage and long service life!

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