What is the seismic function of Dongguan Steel Structure Factory?Choose the steel, Qi Xin knows better

There are many advantages of steel structure factories. In order to ensure that the whole process of the steel structure plant is qualified, the overall rules and regulations will be appropriately improved, transmitting and bearing vertical levels, thereby preventing the imbalance of pressure rods, avoiding excessive components caused by excessive major components The metamorphosis is cracking. In addition, the overall settings and the height ratio, span and temperature section of the factory building should be ensured. The maintenance and maintenance of the steel structure plant is easy to maintain and maintain. After the rust -proof prevention, it must be maintained regularly.

Due to the variability, emergencies of earthquake disasters, and accompanied by great devastating, the drama caused serious harm to people’s life equipment funds. Improving the seismic resistance of steel structure factories has key effects on maintaining safety safety.

First, the advantages of seismic performance of the steel structure plant, first reflected from the raw materials.

The key load raw material of the traditional factory building is a brick filling wall, which is a delay raw material with weak seismic performance. Steel structure plant is a light -shaped H -groove steel, cold -pulled thick wall slot steel, garden steel, small corner iron and pressure plates, color steel sandwiches and other raw material factories. The essence comes from the above ensuring the earthquake resistance of the rural grassroots of the steel structure plant. In addition, the structural variable coefficient of the steel structure plant is a kind of steel structure plant with the largest simple and modern level world at this stage.

Second, from the construction mode of the steel structure plant, all are conducive to earthquake resistance.

The skeleton map of the steel structure plant uses a triangular truss structure with cold rolled sheets, and the key wall surface is cut with a hem frame shear structure of cold rolled sheets. After the sexual board and paper plaster board, the \”board rib structure management system\” is produced. When there is a clear earthquake disaster, there is always a variable but not easy to collapse and rupture. The damage is relatively small. In addition, it also reduces the work intensity of rescue staff and improves high efficiency.

Dongguan Qixin Steel Structural Material Company has focused on the production of steel structure materials and processing for 8 years (production, processing, manufacturing and manufacturing rock scaller plates, glass magnesium, aluminum magnesium manganese plate, C/Z steel, Loucheng board, single tiles, gas building tiles, resin tiles, slot steel and other profiles) Select steel, Qi Xin knows better.

With the continuous development of the business, the company successively built wave production lines, C -type steel production lines, various single -tile production lines, folding edge distribution production lines, sandwich board production lines, products are: composite Symbols (tiles), color waves (tiles), insulation plate (tile), foam plate (tile), C -type steel, Z -type steel, and products can meet the needs of various steel structure projects.

Over the past few years, the company has based on the principles of quality survival, scientific and technological development, reputation for the market, and management of benefits, step by step, thick accumulation. Enterprises continue to grow. Faced with the new situation of opportunities and challenges, our company is willing to cooperate extensively with friends from all walks of life to develop together to return superb technologies, excellent quality, perfect services and good business reputation to customers and society.


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