What are the benefits of large poultry sheds?

At present, there are many policies in agriculture, and there are many new breeding models. For example, the current greenhouse breeding is very popular. This breeding model has a very important position in agricultural production, because it can not only be used to plant planting Vegetables can also be used to cultivate various poultry.

Greenhouse breeding is also called warm shed breeding. It is an advanced method for breeding anywhere. Due to its low investment cost, it can reduce the mortality of poultry, thereby increasing production, so it has been particularly popular in recent years. This method of breeding. Greenhouse breeding only for some animals, such as chickens, ducks, cattle, fish, shrimp, etc. Greenhouse breeding actually provides a very suitable temperature, light and good environment for the survival of these animals.

First of all, we have to build a greenhouse. This is a very important step and the most basic step. It is best to set up a greenhouse where there are some places near the water and no pollution away from the city. Build a greenhouse in a direction of sitting north to south. It is best to build a greenhouse about 2 meters and 5 meters. It is not only conducive to the circulation of air, but also for some breeders’ work. In the end It is 90 degrees.

After building a greenhouse, you will start to choose a duckling. There are many varieties of ducks in our country. We choose the variety to choose according to our own needs. This time, because we are breeding in the greenhouse, we can choose some varieties that are suitable for local temperatures to cultivate. When the weather is particularly hot in summer, we must have a link to adjust the temperature of the duck shed, because in fact, everyone knows that the temperature in the greenhouse is relatively mild, but the weather in summer is particularly hot and the light is particularly sufficient, so in the greenhouse, so in the greenhouse The temperature will also rise. At this time, we must adjust and reduce the temperature in the greenhouse at this time, otherwise the ducklings will heat up of the stroke. We can also set some refrigeration equipment in the greenhouse to regulate the circulation of the air to avoid some diseases that occur due to the inactivation of ventilation. If there are no friends who have this condition, you can also put a sink in some places to cool down Essence

Usually adding some feeds to them in the feed of ducklings, and can also feed them some greens, grass, etc., to be paired in a timely manner, and feed with different feeds according to different growth periods. For example, we can also mix feeding, and mixing the feed with the forage is a good way. In the morning, you can feed the duckling 3 times, feed it once in the morning, feed once at noon and feed once at night. The one in the morning and the noon, to feed less, because this is conducive to them to find food outside after leaving the shed.

I do n’t know what you do n’t know what this is. In fact, the stress reaction is some non -specific reactions caused by tension. Then the stress reaction will actually encounter it often when we are raising ducks. If we do so in the duck group because of the movement or the sound is too noisy, then it will affect their growth, so we must not have it in the greenhouse Too big movements to avoid frightening them. If the duck group has a stress reaction, they will not eat or drink, and sometimes if they are serious, they will even die. Xiaobian thought that when he was a kid, he often scared some ducks and big geese in the grandmother’s yard. It turned out that this way of doing it would cause them to hurt such a big harm. Now it is really guilty. It’s right. The prevention and treatment of epidemics is the most important part of our poultry when we breed poultry. During the period when we raising ducks in the greenhouse, we must clean up, clean, and disinfect the greenhouse in time, and to clean their duck troughs. Secondly, we must vaccinate them in time. In the process of breeding, they must be diversified to feed them. Do not be too single to make them indigestion or weakened resistance.

large poultry sheds

What are the advantages and disadvantages of chicken raising chicken?

Chicken is a poultry raised in many areas. As the demand for chickens continues to increase, many rural areas are raising chickens, especially in greenhouses.

The cost and income of greenhouse chicken (take 10,000 chickens as an example)

  1. Fee

Building of greenhouses: 10,000 meat chickens need to build 4 greenhouses. Each greenhouse costs about 20,000 yuan, and the total cost of all four sheds is about 80,000 yuan.

Resting cost:

The price of chickens is 3.5 yuan/piece, and the cost of feed required for each chicken is 11.4 yuan. In addition, each chicken costs 0.7 yuan, water and electricity costs 0.2 yuan, coal costs 0.1 yuan, labor cost 0.4 yuan, about 1.4 yuan. According to statistics, each chicken is about 16.3 yuan, and the cost of 10,000 meat chickens is 163,000 yuan.

After 42 days of growth, the meat chicken weighs 2.7 kg. Based on the sales revenue of 21.6 yuan, the sales revenue of 10,000 chickens is 216,000 yuan. Each meat chicken feed costs 16.3 yuan, sales income is 21.6 yuan, profit is 5.3 yuan, and 10,000 chicken profits are 53,000 yuan. 5-7 batches can be raised each year, with an average of 6 batches. Construction investment can make a recovery of 238,000 yuan.

Of course, the price of meat chicken is affected by other factors such as market conditions. This data is for reference only


The cost of chicken in the greenhouse is low, and the investment is small, and many farmers can afford it. In addition, the chicken -breeding address of the greenhouse is convenient, easy to demolish, less disease dissemination, easy breeding, low requirements for labor, high production efficiency, and fast breeding weekly. Farmers can adjust the breeding situation in a timely manner according to market conditions.

The chicken farm for household tensions, economic difficulties, and large farmers has been solved, and the chicken -breeding channels have been widened. 2. Reduce the cost of facilities. Economic shed: The cost per square meter is 50-60 yuan, which can be used for 5-10 years. Simple shed: The cost per square meter is 15-20 yuan, which can be used for 2-3 years. 3. Easy to recover and return. Adopt a greenhouse to raise chicken. If the chicken is not raised the next year, the greenhouse can be demolished and planting crops.

Mild disease and improve the survival rate of chicken. Due to the ventilation and ventilation of the greenhouse, the air is fresh, the disease is reduced, and The survival rate of chickens has improved accordingly.

Disassembly, strong mobility. The skeleton of the chicken -raising greenhouse of “Win Gongnong Shepherd” uses zinc steel plating steel pipes without corrosion and rust. 2. Shorten the growth cycle of chickens. Popular chickens can be sold in 50-55 days, and the number of production in one year reaches 5-6 batches. 3. Diseases are light because of the high ventilation of chicken -raising greenhouses in “Winning Farmers and Shepherds”, fresh air, and high survival rate of chickens. 4. Fast weight gain, chicken -raising greenhouses are about 8 % higher than chicken raising chicken in the room. 5. The cost of breeding equipment is reduced: a new chicken-breeding greenhouse for “Winning Agricultural Shepherd”, the cost per square meter is 80-150 yuan, and the service life is more than 25 years. Simple shed: 30-60 yuan per square meter, usually 2 to 3 years. 6. The design of the new -style chicken -breeding greenhouse with “harmonizing farmers and animal husbandry” is reasonable. The intelligent adjustment of the temperature in the shed is used. To this end, the power consumption can save more than 30 % of the indoor chicken raising.

Can provide a better growth environment for meat chickens. The use of the “temperature propaganda effect” of plastic film in winter can improve shed temperature, save energy, and improve the efficiency of feed conversion. Covering grasshoppers and straw on the top of the greenhouse in summer has a good thermal insulation capacity. When ventilation, the sides are opened and the net is used to play a good heatstroke effect.

Flow of investment. At present, a greenhouse that raises 1,000-1500 meat chickens only needs to invest about 2000-3,000 yuan. The cost is only 1/5-1/4 of the brick -tile structure chicken house. Generally, 2 batch of meat chickens are raised in each chicken shed, and all chicken sheds can be recovered.

The utilization rate of the sheds is high and the economic benefits are high. Greenhouses are generally flattened with thick ground pads, which can be raised 8-12 per square meter. The utilization rate of sheds is high. At present, the level of domestic broiler breeding has reached 6-7 weeks. The column can be released. After the column is out, it can be cleaned up to disinfect the chicken house. In this way, 5 batches can be released in a year. Based on the net profit of 2 yuan per chicken, each batch of 1,000 meat chickens can receive a net profit of about 10,000 yuan a year.


The disadvantage of chicken in the greenhouse is the problem of light and thermal insulation. Because the greenhouse is not a brick house, the light is high, no matter which age group is very good, it is easy to cause chickens to peck anus and cause death. In addition, the thermal insulation performance of the greenhouse is not as good as the brick and tile structure, and it is easy to be cold and cold in summer.

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