Steel structure workshop

What are factors to be considered while designing the steel structures?

Factors that cannot be ignored in the design of steel structure workshops

With the increasing attention to the ecological environment of engineering construction and the continuous improvement of standards, the steel structure industrial production plant, as one of the basic facilities for the sustainable development of industrialization, its demand has been gradually updated. However, under the premise that steel structure has many advantages, it also has some unavoidable shortcomings. Therefore, various factors must be considered when designing steel structure workshops.

The significance of engineering drawings design of steel structure workshop

No matter what kind of construction, engineering drawings are an important basis for building construction. During the design period of the steel structure industrial production plant, the professional technology of the construction enterprise should be pre-examined on the design drawings, and the “errors, omissions, touches and omissions” in the engineering drawings should be checked, and the problems should be solved before the project, and the reduction of the engineering drawings Problems are harmful to the construction quality and progress of the project.

The construction organization plan of the steel structure engineering project is written for the manufacturing link and the installation link. The specific content of the processing technology of the steel structure generally includes the process flow of the manufacturing link, the product quality standards and technical standards of each sub-project. At the same time, in order to ensure product quality various specific measures.

Second, the design principle of the support system of the steel structure workshop

In order to improve the overall bending stiffness, bear and transmit the longitudinal horizontal force, avoid excessive deformation of the components, prevent the unbalance of the pressure rod, and ensure the structural stability of the structure during the work of the steel structure workshop, the production should be based on the way the workshop is constructed. The setting of the workshop crane, the span, relative height, and temperature section length of the vibration equipment and its workshop are equipped with a reliable support system.

Each temperature section of the workshop shall be provided with relatively stable inter-column support system software, which shall be coordinated with the horizontal support layout of the roof truss. The position of the lower column support is a key factor to measure the deformation orientation of the longitudinal structure of the factory building, and it affects the magnitude of the temperature stress. Freely retractable to both sides of the section.

When the length of the temperature section is not large, a lower column support point is generally set in the middle of the temperature section, but the length of the temperature section exceeds about 150 meters. Determine the support points of the two lower columns, and their positions should be set within the range of the middle third of the temperature zone as much as possible. In order to prevent excessive thermal stress, the core distance between the two supports should not exceed 72 meters.

Steel structure workshop
Steel structure workshop

The key to the customization of the seismic performance of the steel structure workshop

Attention should be paid to the seismic design of its steel structure industrial production plant: first, the overall layout level stipulates that the structure quality of the plant and the distribution of bending stiffness are uniform, so that the plant bears evenly, and the deformation is coordinated, and the seismic resistance level due to uneven structural stiffness is minimized.

Lead to adverse effects, the horizontal structure of the workshop should be made of steel frame or a structure with a certain amount of soil in the steel roof truss and columns, so as to facilitate the flexible use of the compression characteristics of the steel structure and reduce the lateral structural deformation; secondly, the damage of the steel structure workshop is generally The situation is not caused by the lack of compressive strength of the components, but is often caused by the imbalance of the components.

Therefore, the effective layout of the support system to ensure the structural stability of the plant structure is very important for the steel structure plant; finally, under the earthquake force, there is a low cycle fatigue effect. , Pay attention to the impact on its workshop when designing the scheme. In the design of structural joints, it must be ensured that the damage of the joints does not lie in the compromise of the full cross-section of the load-bearing structure.

Fourth, the significance of high temperature resistance level design of steel structure workshop

The fire safety level of steel structure industrial production plants is relatively poor. When the construction steel is heated at about 100 °C, with the increase of temperature, the compressive strength of the construction steel decreases and the plasticity expands; when the temperature is within 250 °C, the tensile strength of the steel increases.

When the temperature exceeds 250 °C, the construction steel undergoes plastic deformation; when the temperature reaches 500 °C, the bolt strength drops to a relatively low level, and the steel structure collapses. Therefore, when the surface temperature of the steel structure is around 150 ℃, it is necessary to do thermal insulation and fire protection design specifications (generally, heat-resistant paint is applied to solve it).

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