The  benefits  of  constant  temperature  warehouse

The constant temperature warehouse refers to a warehouse that can regulate the temperature and stick to a temperature.

As far as the constant temperature warehouse is concerned, temperature is the key. The constant temperature warehouse is mainly used to store goods that are afraid of being shaken by temperature. For example, canned food, chocolate, candy, fruits, vegetables, flowers, medicines, red wine, fine instruments and other products. In the cold and hot regions and season, similar items need to be kept under constant temperature and control the more appropriate temperature and humidity to ensure the quality of the storage items.

The purpose of using Hengzimi Wharf is to better protect the quality of the items itself. The items can be placed in the warehouse that can be controlled by the warehouse storage temperature and humidity, so as to provide better conditions for the storage of the items, which greatly extend the storage of the items. Time can also provide consumers with a lot of anti -season food.

In addition, the constant temperature library can also be applied to the pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry. In chemical enterprises, it can also be used to store the original chemical materials; in some historical museums, it can also be used to store valuables such as antiques, historical materials, utensils and other valuables; Important items such as devices.

Conservation in the constant temperature warehouse storage:

1. Foods with erosion and transformation are objects with obvious odor. For example, stinky eggs, mold pumps, erosion and acidity, and smelly and taste -flavored items must stop entering the warehouse.

  • Putting all the items in the constant temperature library requires strict reference to the relevant regulations of the country. Following the food consumption regulations in the “National Food Health Management System”, it is strictly forbidden to contain mold, insects, odor, toxic and harmful, dirty, dirty, dirty Unscuffy, fatty acids, damaged product packaging, unclean transportation tools, outer packaging with dirty objects and other items to store storage.

Since the national relevant laws and regulations have understood the prevention of killing wildlife, in the process of using the constant temperature library, if there is a national order to stop the killing of wildlife meat products, it should also stop the storage of the warehouse; for example Wild yak, pangolin, Tibetan antelope, swan, elk, etc.

  • Secondly, there are also flammable, explosive, and chemical corrosive items, and should also stop putting in the fresh -keeping library and storage; because it will not only form a certain hidden danger of safety, but also cause the normal product quality in the library to be affected by the quality While forming economic losses, it may also cause food safety accidents that do not need.

Why use constant temperature chamber

In cold or hot seasons, vegetables, fruits, flowers and other items need to be kept under constant temperature. When it is cold or hot, foods such as fruits and vegetables are not easy to preserve. Temperature has a great impact on them. Temperature stability is the biggest factor that affects the storage time and quality of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, a constant temperature warehouse is needed. For example, for red wine, temperature is the most important factor for the storage of red wine, because the taste and aroma of red wine can best volatilize at a proper temperature. If the temperature of the wine is too high, the bitter, astringent and sour taste will come out; If the wine temperature is too low, the due aroma and delicacy cannot be volatilized effectively. Generally, the storage temperature of semi sweet and sweet red wine is 14-16 ℃, that of dry red wine is 16-22 ℃, that of dry white wine is 8-10 ℃, and that of champagne (sparkling red wine) is 5-9 ℃. Therefore, there is a red wine constant temperature warehouse specially used to store red wine.

The purpose of using the constant temperature warehouse is to better ensure the quality of the goods. The storage temperature and humidity of the warehouse can be controlled to provide better conditions for the storage of the goods, greatly prolong the storage time of the goods, and provide consumers with a lot of out of season food.

What is the use of constant temperature chamber

The application range of constant temperature warehouse is very wide. In food enterprises, it is mostly used to store fruits, vegetables, red wine, canned tea, tobacco, etc., to provide fresh food for consumers; In chemical enterprises, it can also be used to store chemical raw materials; In some historical museums, it can also be used to store calligraphy and painting antiques, historical materials, utensils and other valuables; In medical enterprises, it can of course store important items such as traditional Chinese and Western medicine and optoelectronic components.

Influence of constant temperature chamber

The birth of constant temperature warehouse makes people’s life more convenient; The progress of constant temperature warehouse technology makes people’s living products more superior.

constant temperature warehouse

Details needing attention in design of constant temperature chamber

Robustness and bearing capacity of warehouse structure

We all know that a large number of goods need to be placed in the warehouse, and various loading and unloading transportation equipment need to be put in and out. If the overall structure is not strong, its service life will be greatly shortened, and the bearing capacity needs to be reasonably designed according to the stored goods.

Tightness and moisture resistance

When designing the warehouse, special attention should be paid to its sealing and moisture resistance. When installing the relevant cold storage equipment of the warehouse, attention should be paid to the fact that the outside will also enter the cold storage at the same time, resulting in excessive moisture in the whole warehouse, which will greatly affect the thermal insulation effect of the warehouse. For this reason, special attention should be paid to the sealing to ensure that the warehouse is isolated from the outside air.

Location of warehouse

The construction location of the warehouse is also very important. Usually, it will be built in a place with clean ventilation. In addition, it also needs to add an insulating layer and deal with the soil after the crime, so as to avoid the soil cracks caused by the temperature in the warehouse and the warehouse can not be used normally.

Constant temperature warehouse is a warehouse that can adjust the temperature and maintain a certain temperature. It can place various items according to different temperatures. The equipment commonly used in the warehouse includes shelves, pallets, metering equipment, ventilation equipment, temperature and humidity control equipment, maintenance equipment, and fire protection equipment.

With the development of socio -economic development and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological levels, the development of the logistics industry is increasingly dependent on various traffic methods to meet the rapid development of logistics. The transformation of logistics can effectively promote the optimization of production methods, circulation methods and industrial structures of various industries, and has made significant contributions to the development of the country’s economy and cities.

What is the difference between the excellent thermostat warehouse and the ordinary constant temperature warehouse?

  1. Flexible storage area. A good thermostat warehouse must be adjusted well in the total area of the warehouse. For example, the goods of some customers vary from the seasons. The goods stored in the warehouse vary depending on the off -season and peak season. Therefore, most of them must go to the warehouse to adjust the area during promotional activities. Administrators should adjust in time. Therefore, the elastic area of the constant temperature warehouse can not only save costs, but also reduce operating difficulties. It can also provide discounted storage services for customers with large freight and fast circulation speed.

2. The database area is clearly divided. The reservoir division of the constant temperature warehouse must be professional. A good temperature warehouse can make good plans in the division of the warehouse. For example, the differences in the warehouse can be clearly divided. What can be done in this thing, what that sculpture cannot be done, and can be clearly divided. This can prevent people from dizziness at work, and the warehouse area can also be designed as adjustable elastic areas. These settings can not only manage it by themselves,

3. Perfect storage facilities. Most of the excellent constant temperature warehouses do a lot of work in facilities. Because it is a modern management model, the constant temperature warehouse must have modern equipment. For example, the improvement of high -level safety systems and truck models can better manage. This can also reduce management costs. All customers who store goods in the constant temperature warehouse also hope to store their custody in the constant temperature warehouse with very professional and perfect facilities.

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