Sorry, I’m going to make it public!The secret in the steel structure plant decoration

The industrial factory of the steel structure mainly refers to the most important load component composed of building steel. Including steel wall columns, steel columns, steel structures are basically, door -type steel frames (natural factories have a very large span distance, basically steel structure steel roofs), steel ceiling lid. Pay attention to the wall of the steel structure. maintainance.

The structure of the steel structure industrial plant is mainly divided into five parts: 1. Basic buried parts, (can stable steel structure industrial plant structure)

2. Pillar, select H -shaped steel, industrial steel, round steel pipe or C -type steel (connected to two C -type steel)

3, beam, use C -type steel and H -shaped steel.

4. Steel bars, generally C -type steel, poor steel.

5. Color steel voltage plates from the wall flat house, one is colorful tile (color steel roof). One is the color steel insulation wall panel. Double-layer tiles are separated by foam plastic, rock wool plate, glass wool, polyurethane material


, etc. Noise effect.

Plant decoration and repair steel structure professional knowledge plant decoration steel structure: immediately inherit the component of the heavy crane should be subject to fatigue test calculation; Based on the application and development experience, it can be improper for fatigue.

Crack -resistant fiber and crack width: For components that do not have a gap in the above regulations, mixed soil tensile stress checks; for the components that are allowed to occur in the gap, the crack width should be performed. For calculation; for the overlapping plate bending component, the stress check of the steel bars should be carried out.

In the limit state used by the factory of the factory in the factory: this type of limited state is matched with a structure or structural component to make a normal start or durability balance Essence

Deformation of the steel structure of the factory of the factory: The structural component that needs to manipulate the deformation coefficient on the application of the plant should be used for the application and calculation of the application;

[ 123] The most basic way to deformed: radial Latin deformation; tailoring (crushing) deformation; distorted deformation; bending deformed;

The carrying capacity of the steel structure and reliable steel structure of the plant Sex: All structural components in the plant decoration should carry out bearing capacity calculations, if the structure is required to collapse, move and float experiments and calculations.

\”Standards for Filling the Wall Structure\”

In the end, my friendship reminded that the structure of industrial plants contains the requirements of earthquake resistance should be carried out Experiment and calculation of bearing capacity.


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