How to building steel structure workshop?

In response to the construction of the steel structure plant at this stage, the key is still the leading steel structure plant, high -rise residential steel structure buildings, and light steel structure housing. Among them, the steel structure plant is the earliest work experience in the manufacturing industry. For steel structure factories, whether the customer’s requirements can be considered so that customers are satisfied with the design plan.

Compared with other steel structure buildings, the construction of the steel structure plant is simple and convenient, but the prerequisite is under the condition of the design plan. In response to the design of the plant, there must be several provisions: the design of earthquake resistance, fire safety design regulations, anti -corrosion design regulations, and coordination of architectural structure. In the early days of design, we must also visit and inspect. Based on the basic design of the customer, durability is the provisions of the basic construction of the plant. Whether or not or not or not, the design of the seismic regulations is a area that designers attach great importance to it.

The advantages of steel structure factories are indeed many, but the defects cannot be denied. The steel structure has poor anticorrosive characteristics. Although the steel pre -made components are all spraying fire and fire prevention materials, only the deformation time of the steel is slightly increased. If it is not caused by a major safety accident, the design of fire prevention materials must be considered at the beginning of the design. Level. Steel will also rust and erosion, which we all know. When designing, we must fully consider the elements of the city’s gas and the natural environment, and then integrate the main use of the main use of itself, design an effective anti -corrosion plan, and apply as many long -term applications as possible.

The coordination of architectural structures is considered by designers at the beginning of the design. If the surrounding environment and the reasonable layout of the engineering environment and the reasonable layout of the plant, the designed factories will look running. In other words, design is the first step of the steel structure plant. To want a high -quality engineering project that is satisfactory to customers, design is definitely the key.

Step of the construction of steel structure plant construction

One, Obtain land use license

Whether it is domestic or abroad, the first step of building houses is the review of land use rights to ensure the legitimacy of house building.

Second, design drawing fixed draft

Examine the surrounding environment, terrain terrain and other factors, and communicate with customers to determine preliminary design plans. Then, the design company will set the drawings to determine the drawings, communicate with customers, and even finalize the draft.

Three,Factory assembly line production

After the drawing is determined, the Qingdao Lida steel structure will be arranged for production. The production process is carried out on the industrialized pipeline, ensuring the unity of the steel structure and the quality of each part.

Fourth, on -site construction

The processing steel structure is transported to the construction site for construction and installation, and the final decoration. This “production -construction” construction model has greatly shortened the construction period and reduced the construction cycle and labor costs. In addition, the construction waste at the construction site also reduced the social pursuit of modern life and energy conservation and environmental protection.

Five,Acceptance of relevant departments

After the construction, it will enter the final acceptance link. The relevant quality supervision departments will provide construction acceptance of the steel structure factories, and the delivery phase will be performed.

The main seven processes of the construction of steel structure factories

Putting lines. According to the design requirements, according to the requirements of the drawings, the latitude and weft and the level instrument are used to locate, and the position of the steel frame can be confirmed after determining the axis and elevation.

Basic embedded parts. Before the basic concrete is poured, the embedded bolt should be fixed according to the size, and the embedded bolt should be wrapped in advance, so as to avoid pollution when pouring concrete. After the concrete is poured, it is necessary to clean up the small residue of the concrete at the embedded anchor rod and the screw mouth in a timely manner.

Steel column hanging. First of all, we need to confirm the position of the mission hanging point and take appropriate protection measures. After the steel column is lifted, the foot bolts are close to the middle, and the installation holes are accurately aligned with the installation hole, and then slowly lower the hook. After initial calibration, tighten the bolt.

steel structure workshop

Steel beam installation. After the steel column was re -inspected, the steel beam was lifted and the two points were arrested symmetrically. When the steel beam and the steel column benchmark, the docking adjustment can be performed, and then the connection can be fixed.

Installation. In terms of 一 bars, you can use a hook and multi -hanging method to move the sample rod along the barbaria, and adjust the error by tightening and loosening the bolt, and finally fix it with bolts and correct them.

Install the wall board. It can start with one end and move forward to the other. In the early stage of construction, the operation platform needs to be used for transition, and the top plate is guaranteed to be parallel, and it is installed vertically through pulling lines. It is best to mold at one time, be careful to avoid scratching.

Workshop painting. First remove the stains on the metal surface, and then apply anti -rust paint. After the rust -proof paint is dry, start to scrape the putty. After the putty is dry, polish is flat. Finally, apply anti -phosphoric primer.

6 elements of the construction of steel structure plant

Embedded component: It can stabilize the factory structure

Pillar: Generally, C -type steel and H -shaped steel and square pipes are usually connected to two C -type steel with corner steel.

Liang: Generally use C -type steel and H -shaped steel, which depends on the span of the beam.

Roof bars: When installed as C -shaped steel and Z -type steel, square tube, and pupae, it must be perpendicular to the roof cable.

Installing the bars, the rod of the roof ridge, the mounting bar, the stolen bass installation of the roof opening, and the installation of the pupae in the installation of the roof must be installed and tightened to ensure that the bars are not disturbed and effectively prevent the wing of the stress from being stable.

Installing wall bars (wall beams) need to drive vertical lines from top to bottom, confirm that the wall bars are on a plane, and then install the wall bars in order, and install the hole to reinforce the bars.

Support, pull strips, usually connect to round steel.

roof: divided into two types. One is single tiles, color steel tiles and composite boards. The composite plate is sandwiched between the two -layer color guide plate with polyurethane or rock wool. It has the effect of warm winter and cool summer and cool in summer.

After installing the steel structure processing workshop, the owner’s personal person must not change its structure, no bolts or other components are allowed, and the partition shall not be increased or reduced. If a large number of parts need to be changed, please negotiate with the manufacturer to determine whether the manufacturer can change.

After about 3 years, in order to beautify the building, the paint needs to be brushed once. The steel workshop is connected by steel structure components. Therefore, it is necessary to use silhouettes and pipelines to isolate electrical equipment (such as wires) to prevent electrical accidents.

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