Fire line survey | Haibo Zhongke received Penghua Fund and other institutions investigations have been inspected in the eastern coastal areas to contact two annual yields 3

Haibo Zhongke (300517) The secretary of the board of directors of the company Ran Ting, September 16th from 15: 30-16: 30, accepted the Guangfa Securities (000776) Fan Zhuoyu, Zhongxin Prudential Song Haijuan, Caitong Asset Management Guo Qi, CITIC Finance Li Sai, Huatai Baoxing Fund Chen Ying, Agricultural Bank of China Wei Wan, Kaifeng Investment Tong Shuai, Huaxia Fund Xie Zixi, and Penghua Fund Zhao Jing.

1. What is the company’s wind power and photovoltaic business development progress?

Answer: In order to cultivate new performance increase Build-A-NATIONAL-HIGH-END-METACTURE-MITERIAL-Industry-Base Further enrich the types of steel structure products, try to expand steel structure products such as wind power tower and photovoltaic support on the basis of stronger and bigger business. At present, the business team of the relevant sector has been connected to promote related projects. The progress of the relevant projects will be disclosed in time and fully in accordance with the rules of information disclosure.

2. What is the progress of the company’s coastal production base?

Answer: The company is actively looking for coastal production bases. At present, two idle factories with independent completion of annual production of 30,000 to 50,000 tons of steel structure have been inspected in the eastern coastal areas. Matters are in close contact.

3. The main reason why the company does not redeem convertible bonds in advance?

Answer: On the one hand, considering that the company’s convertible bonds have a short period of time, in order to better protect the interests of investors, it will not be redeemed in advance; on the other hand The company’s future development is good.

4. What is the current progress of the company’s curtain wall business?

Answer: At present, related business personnel are closely followed up. If substantial progress is obtained, information will be disclosed in a timely manner in accordance with the rules of information disclosure.

5. Does the company have a plan to re -financing?

Answer: The company will comprehensively consider financing methods according to factors such as production and operation, project construction needs, and capital market environment, start the re -financing plan under the right time and conditions, and according to information according to information The requirements of the disclosure rules are disclosed.

6. What is the main advantage of the company’s development of wind power tower business?

Answer: 1. The company has rich experience in making and installation of bridge steel structure, has deep technical accumulation, and does not have technical barriers to enter the wind power tower industry; 2. The company’s refinement Management advantages have made the company have the industry’s leading cost control capabilities. In recent years, the company’s gross profit margin and net interest rate are much higher than that of companies in the same industry.


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