1. Weighing

Light regulations to distinguish light steel and general steel; there is no strict definition, and generally can be distinguished by cross -section composition of main force components. Therefore, the following structures can be called:

(1) the structure made of cold -curved thin -wall steel;

(2) Structure;

(3) The structure made of hot -rolled light steel;

(4) The structure composed of welding and high -frequency welding light steel;

((123] ( 5) The structure made of components made of thin steel plates;

(6) The structure made from the above components combined.

2. Judgment of heavy steel structure and light steel structure:

1. Steel amount per square meter: greater than equal to 50kg/m2, which can be considered as heavy steel structure.

2. The weight of the driving of the plant: greater than equal to 25 tons, which can be considered as heavy steel structure.

3. Main component steel plate thickness: greater than or equal to 10mm, less for light steel structures.

Light steel is also a relatively vague term, which can generally have two understanding. One is the current \”Steel Structure Design Specification\” (GBJ50017-2002) \”Light Steel Structure of Round Steel and Small Corner Steel\”, which refers to light steel made of round steel and corner steel less than L45 * 4 and L56 * 36 * 4 The structure is mainly used in small structures that should not be made by steel reinforced concrete structures in the lack of steel. It is basically not large. Therefore, the steel structure design specifications have basically been removed in the revision of the steel structure design specifications. The other is the light roof lid and light exterior wall stipulated in the \”Gate-style Gangli Light House Steel Structure Technical Regulations\” (can also be conditionally adopted What-IS-Corrugated-Metal-Stainless-Steel-Plate Use the masonry outer wall) single -layer real -bearing door -type rigid frame structure. The light type here mainly refers to the use of lightweight materials. Since the previous one has been canceled, the meaning of light steel is mainly the latter.

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